For someone is struggling with an addiction, they feel completely alone. They do not see the friends and family who surround them, desperate to help. They do not realize that their addiction, their dependency, and their disease affect everyone around them. Family members and friends may try to help, but time and time around their efforts are met only with continued frustration.

Hope is not lost, though, and change is always possible. To understand how to help, one first has to understand the disease of addiction. When an addict perceives that their addiction is being threatened, they instinctively react defensively; they do not understand that drug treatment help is being offered.

A drug intervention is essentially an offer of help. With the aid of interventional counselors, family members can tell their loved one about their concerns and the difficulties of watching the struggle of addiction. Without argument or attack, the message is simple: “We love you and want you to get help.”

Intervention is the single most effective entrance into drug treatment. If someone you know is struggling with addiction, we strongly encourage you to call us today.


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