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Specializing in designing programs that address the values and beliefs of the people we serve, Executive Recovery increases their ability to engage and participate in treatment.

A specialized program for women, Executive Recovery for Women, is designed to address the issues that women face with drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

After admission at Opiate Recovery, the client meets with a drug addiction MD to address their needs and formulate a drug and alcohol treatment program together that takes into consideration the amount of opiates used.

Solutions For Recovery's unique, medical alternative, Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program, developed and supervised by physicians specializing in addiction medicine, helps cocaine addicted patients lose their craving for cocaine.

We provide compassionate and individualized Drug and Alcohol Treatment and rehabilitation that offers the chemically dependent person a route to recovery that is specifically tailored to their needs.

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We have staff standing by ready to assist you where ever you are throughout the US. We have partnered with several treatment centers and can find the right place for your loved one.