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Each successful intervention starts with a consultation. Our counselors provide in-person, over-the-phone, or online evaluations for each case. We first determine the severity of the individual’s drug or alcohol problem, the self-destructive behavior, the affect the individual has on the family, and how best to approach the individual. Other members of our intervention team then review the case and determine how to proceed. Because we work only in interventions, we can provide specialized services for teens, adults, executives, or even families facing drug or alcohol problems.

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After the evaluation is complete, one or more of our counselors will meet with friends and family members in person. This meeting immediately precedes the actual intervention and gives our counselors time to discuss how the intervention will be run; it often is the first opportunity for these individuals to openly discuss their concerns and frustrations. Once ready, the counselors, family, and friends meet with the individual. The intervention itself is a group meeting with our counselors, family, friends, and the individual. For more information on the process of intervention, please see our webpage on Interventions.

The goal of the drug intervention is to convince the individual to seek help, and afterwards we recommend a program of drug treatment. Our staff is knowledgeable about the different types of treatment programs available and the different options within each. Based on our evaluation and the intervention, we can recommend a treatment option and program that suits your needs and preferences. We are familiar with the licensed in-patient drug-specific rehabilitation and out-patient treatment programs and appreciate which programs are specialized for what type of addiction or person (younger or older, male or female, drugs or alcohol).

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We strongly emphasize the importance of the intervention because it is the first stage in the recovery process, and nothing further can come without taking that first step. If you think our program may help a loved one in your life, please take that first step now and call us for a consultation.

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interventionWe have staff standing by ready to assist you where ever you are throughout the US. We have partnered with several treatment centers and can find the right place for your loved one.