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An Alcohol Drug Intervention is just the first step in recovery- it establishes the willingness to get better and seek help. However, this willingness can be lost with time, and so for optimal success, we strongly recommend that any intervention should be followed by a comprehensive treatment program.

Treatment most importantly gives an individual seeking change the ability to initiate and maintain change. It gives them the tools to examine their behavior and see how what they were doing was hurting themselves, others, and society. Treatment then gives them tools to change these behaviors: ranging from alternative activities, group support, or simply the ability to ask for help. Treatment finally gives them the tools to make right past wrongs: this important part reinforces the correct behavior and also demonstrates to others their dedication to living a better life.

We provide referrals to a number of different treatment programs, including in-patient and out-patient centers, drug-specific rehabilitation (the process of recovery from heroin can be very different from that of methamphetamines or cocaine), and a variety of other specialty programs.

Many of the treatment centers to which we refer our clients currently have in-patient and out-patient spots available. Please call us now if you have any questions on our intervention programs, our referral treatment programs, or if you think these programs could benefit someone in your life.

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We have staff standing by ready to assist you where ever you are throughout the US. We have partnered with several treatment centers and can find the right place for your loved one.